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Top Tips for Making Your Home Removal Day go Smoothly

Top View Of Messy And Full Of Moving Boxes Room

Proper planning is what is needed for your moving day to go smoothly. “It’s all in the preparation” as they say. This is true, so here are some top tips to help make your moving day less stressful, because let’s face it, moving home or office can be quite painful so we’re going to help you avoid some pitfalls which will be a bonus to you, and us.

Start With Budget

Before you book professional removalists and just expect them to deal with everything (please don’t!), start with knowing what you can afford to spend and working out how you’re going to do it. You might think there aren’t many options but for a large household or business, there are. Ask yourselves these questions:

  • What kind of size vehicle can I afford?
  • Will I need to hire help packing?
  • Can I afford a full service moving company?
  • What parts can I do myself?
  • How will my items be packed?
  • Have I allowed enough time?
  • Is there anything the removalists won’t take?

Once you have a budget worked out and you can answer the above questions then you should know what you can and can’t do. Trying to do the impossible in a short space of time when you have already paid and booked removalists will turn into a headache fast so knowing what’s possible before you start will definitely help.

Take your Valuables and Paperwork in Your Car

Important documents, valuables like jewellery, fragile items and unique things with sentimental value should be carried in your car separately – just in case. Most removalists will advise this and many will refuse to take fragile items and valuables anyway as their insurance policies don’t fully cover you.

Dedicate a Room for Storage in Your New Premises

It’s not always going to be possible to put everything in its relevant room right away. Time and space will dictate that you just place items and boxes elsewhere. Make things easier by designating a room where a lot of stuff can just be placed into that won’t get in the way of the important stuff like kitchen, bathroom and most importantly – your bed!

Prepare The New House for Office

Make sure you are arriving in the daytime, that there is electricity and bulbs and even toilet paper! Also, make sure it’s relatively clean and that you have access to all rooms so you can utilise all the space. Preparing at the source is not so effective if you haven’t prepared at your destination.

Prioritise Your Beds, Kitchen and Bathroom

Your removal company should be able to help with assembling your bed, but doing that first means you know that at the end of a long day when the removalists have gone that you can at least have a bite to eat, a shower and then some sleep without having to worry about finding those items and building your bed.